The Joy in children's eyes is measurement of future Earth!

The Fairy of Colors is a small publishing company. Our stories take us into a different world where we will learn how to believe in our dreams, accept the differences between people, find friends who will always help and support each other, be brave and overcome the difficulties on the road to our happiness.
The books are hand painted in a beautiful and unique watercolor style aiming to inspire the children to develop their art skills.

Dream in colors!

Verginia Genova

I'm a children's book writer from Bulgaria. I write poems and children's songs also. 

The Fairy of colors is a project inspired by my little son.

Nothing is better than good ideas!

Veselka Velinova


I am an illustrator from Bulgaria. I work in a variety of media including digital art, watercolor, collage, pastel, and ink. My main focus is illustrating for children’s books, but I also work like web designer, graphic designer and game interface artist.