A Blue Fairy-Tale
  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 1

    Once upon a time there was a blue whale.
    He was too enormous and too lonely.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 2

    He swam here and there throughout the vast seas, trying to find someone to talk to, but they all kept running away as soon as he started speaking. There was no one to ask if it would rain tomorrow, no one to play with, and no one to tell fairy-tales to.

    Over time, he got used to being alone and unhappy.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 3

    Each Christmas he made the some wish: to become a winkle. He wanted to be able to hide in his shell and never come out. But nothing changed. Every day was the same, as monotonous and blue as the sea. He was as sad and lonely as an enormous deserted ship.


    No one loved him, and he loved no one.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 4

    One day, after dozing off around noon, he was woken up by an extraordinary tickling feeling, as if there were hundreds of small feet walking on his back. The whale decided to dive into the water to cool off.
    As he ducked below the surface, a group of small blue birds flew away, scared. The whale was intrigued. Peeping out of the water, he asked:
    “Who are you?”
    “We are titmice,” one of the creatures responded.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 5

    “We had to emigrate south because our home country grew too cold and dangerous for delicate creatures like ourselves.”

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 6

    “We kept on flying, and we grew so tired. If we hadn’t mistaken you for a small blue island in the middle of the giant sea, we would have fallen into the water and drowned.”

    “Please can you help us? We can’t swim,” added another.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 7

    The whale listen astounded, as the titmice explained their misfortunes and calamities. Finally, he asked: “But aren’t you afraid of me?”

    “Should we be afraid of our savior? If it were not for you, mister, we would definitely have been goners.”

    “As that it’s so difficult for you to fly over the enormous sea, I could swim in your direction and you could take a rest on my back whenever you wished. You could tell me about your land, and the land you are going to. Share your dreams with me, and they will become mine too!”

    The titmice looked at each other, surprised. They couldn’t believe that they’d made such a great friend upon the enormous and stormy sea.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 8

    They started chirping with joy, and the blue whale felt so touched that his eyes filled with tears.

    “I’ve never had friends before. I never believed that someone could like me as I am, pudgy and enormous.”

    “More than anything, we want to stay with you because of your gentleness and warm heart,” the small birds warbled.


    And so all the company headed south.


    In the morning, the titmice were giving a concert to the whale in a greeting of the new day.

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 9

    After preparing a tasty sea breakfast every day, they told him about all everything they had seen, and about everything they still wished to see.


    The whale listened and listened…

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 10

    When they reached Africa, he said:

    “I will never wish to be a winkle again. Now I have a dream. You can be sure that when the wind blows in the opposite direction, toward the high and snowy mountains, I will be here waiting for you. I will be your ship and help you return home. I will dream the same dreams you have.”

    The small birds flew up in the air, waving down to their devoted friend.

    “See you in the autumn,” they were warbled. “Goodbye, friend.”

    “Goodbye, dears. I will be waitung for you.”

  • A Blue Fairy-Tale 11

    The whale swam back into the deep sea, and quietly started humming:

    When the sky is dark and stormy,

    When the sea is sour with tears,

    When your heart can cry no more,

    You should dive into your dreams.

    Dream of dreams

    When hope is gone

    Dream another dream.

    Dream of being a ship at sea,

    Hope upon the water,

    And a bird’s dream you could be.

    Dream and all around you’ll see

    Without you even asking,

    You are have become another’s dream.

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